🌁Architecture Ormit Mining

To provide an overview of Ormit Mining's architecture, I will explain its underlying structure and main components:

  1. Frontend (User Interface):

    • Web Application: Ormit Mining has a web interface that allows users to access the platform through their browser. This web interface provides a variety of features and functionality, including user dashboards, analytics tools, and account settings.

    • Mobile Application: Apart from the web application, Ormit Mining is also available as a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms. This mobile application allows users to access the platform easily and conveniently from their mobile devices.

  2. Backend (Business Logic and Data Processing):

    • User Management: The backend manages user information, including authentication, registration and account management.

    • Mining Management: This is the component responsible for mining logic, including mining resource allocation, performance monitoring and mining parameter settings.

    • Payment Management: This section handles payment transactions, including additional hashrate purchases, coin withdrawals and other payment processing.

  3. Database:

    • Ormit Mining uses databases to store various types of data, including user information, transaction history, and mining statistics.

  4. External Integration:

    • Ormit Mining can connect with external services such as crypto exchanges, digital wallets and other financial services to facilitate additional transactions and interactions.

  5. Security:

    • Ormit Mining pays attention to data and transaction security. This includes the use of strong encryption protocols, protective measures against security attacks, and other risk management practices.

  6. Mining Infrastructure:

    • Ormit Mining connects to appropriate mining infrastructure, including data centers or mining farms, where physical mining hardware operates to execute mining algorithms.

  7. Analysis and Reporting:

    • This component is responsible for generating performance reports, trend analysis, and deep understanding of mining results to help users make better decisions.

These are some of the key components in The Ormit Mining architecture that work together to provide users with an effective and intuitive cryptocurrency mining experience.

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